Prices and Conditions


1 hour Adult Class Lessons (17 yrs +)                              £21

1 hour Junior Class Lessons (16 yrs and under)            £20

½ hour Child’s Lesson                                                        £13.50

These usually take place in our outdoor school (with a special all-weather surface).

Private Lessons

½ hr Private Lesson                                                             £26

½ hour Weekend Private Lesson (when available)       £27


Approx 1 hour                                                                     £21

Junior Hacks                                                                        £20

We ride with you around the bridle tracks of Croxteth Country Park.  You must be competent at the canter - we may need to assess you first.  Only available when the bridle tracks are in good condition.

Trail Rides

Trail Rides                                                                           £15

(For 5-12 years, inc beginners)              

A 45 minute ride around the tracks of Croxteth Country Park.  All novices will be led.  A good introduction to riding for children - good as a party treat! 


You must give us 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel a booked lesson.  The full fee is payable if you give us less than 24 hours notice.  

Please telephone between 9am - 5.30pm (long ring).  Please note - we will normally only cancel your lesson if conditions are unsafe.

Standby Lessons 

 If we are unable to fit you in on a regular lesson, then please telephone us around 9am on Saturday or Sunday as standby lessons are sometimes available following a cancellation.