What to Wear While Riding – keeping safe!

Like most sports, wearing clothing designed for the sport generally makes the experience better. This applies to riding too but there are some items that are essential for safety and you will need them.  Updated to include Covid-19 precautions.


Riding Hats MUST be worn by all riders.  We can provide riding hats if needed.  Riders using our ownhats must use a disposable cap underneath, which we will provide.  Following use, we thoroughly spray our hats with an approved anti-viral treatment (Virkon). We strongly recommend that regular riders purchase a hat. These must be of an appropriate British Safety Standard - please ask for advice if before buying a hat as there are a variety of standards on sale. You can download a sheet here (this will open in a new page) showing the Safety Standards that your hat needs to be to ride at Croxteth, or any other BHS Approved Centre.  The standards are a bit complicated, with several different international schemes.  N.B.  Not all hats that are sold in the UK comply with these standards and we recommend that, as well as ensuring your hat meets the required standards, you have it professionally fitted  (this may not be possible at the moment but there are some models with an adjustable headband available).

Gloves MUST be worn by all riders, please bring a pair of clean gloves with you. Gloves help minimize the transfer of disease, can give better grip while riding and are invaluable in cold weather too!


Footwear – all riders MUST wear smooth soled shoes or boots with a small heel, as these are essential for safety. Trainers and Wellington Boots are not suitable as they can jam into, or slip through, the stirrups. We have a small number of riding boots, in a range of sizes, available for our clients.   Following use, we thoroughly spray our boots with an approved anti-viral treatment (Virkon). Riding Boots are designed for safety and to help you ride better. We recommend you buy some if you are a regular rider.



Trousers – please wear a pair that will be comfortable to ride in – tracksuit trousers are fine.  As you progress you may find that jodhpurs or riding breeches will improve your experience. Shorts and skirts are not allowed as they result in rubbed, sore legs from the saddle and stirrup leathers.


Jackets and Coats – wear something appropriate for the weather – but remember that (like most sports), you will get warm while you ride – you’re more likely to be too hot than too cold! Long coats can get in the way when you ride, so shorter jackets are better.  Similarly, unzipped, flapping coats and scarves are  a hazard.


Masks and Face coverings are not required while riding but please avoid breathing on your instructor, staff or other riders. 


Umbrellas – obviously not! And not really suitable for use by anyone watching lessons either – they can spook the horses.