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A few people have been asking about eligibility for the teams, the answer is anyone who is a Pony Club member and has attended three working rallies this year, since July last year (camp counts as one rally), we do say that a member can only compete for us twice at senior level.

Pony Prep & Pony Prep Plus

Practice your stable management skills and have some fun on Pony Prep and for older members Pony Prep Plus. They help you learn information for Pony Club  achievement badges

New Members

To all new Pony Club members: we run mounted rallies (riding) and unmounted (badge work etc) throughout the year, if there is anything you are not sure about please ask at the office. Members can learn information to gain their mini-badges and badges (see the Pony Club website) and achieve different progressive tests too. There is something for every member!

Pony Club Camp & Mini-Camp

Our Camps are always very popular and one of the most fun events of our calendar! More information about both camps will be posted here shortly (including dates). Please note that our camps fill up extremely quickly and priority will be given to the members who have attended most events.

What to wear

At all Pony Club rallies, members MUST wear their Pony Club badge. Please wear beige, white, navy or black jodhpurs. Either your Pony Club polo shirt and sweatshirt or a shirt and Pony Club tie and sweatshirt. Girls- if you have long hair you must wear a hairnet (available at most pharmacies) and no jewellery is permitted. Hats must be to the correct standard and we can 'tag' them after we check them and please make sure you bring your gloves.


If you need one of our CPRC Pony Club polo shirts or sweatshirts please do let us know and we will order them asap.


Area Horse & Pony Care Teams 2017

Well done to Ada, Michael and Phoebe who represented us up at Osbaldeston on Sunday 18th June. They finished 8th out of 17 teams and we were very impressed with all of their horse care knowledge

Championships 2016

As mentioned Lydia qualified as an individual for the novice showjumping at the Championships, she was the only Centre member there and did a great job with one jump down in each round.  Daisy and Evie were both there in the pouring rain to support!

Our Centre teams were also out in force at the Championships (although thankfully the weather had cheered up by then!). Our two teams on Tuesday at the Pony Club Centre competition at the Championships finished 2nd and 6th!! So, a very big well done to Patrick, Abby, Poppy, Ruby, Lily, Isabel, Maria and Michael! We also had lots of individual placings and podium finishes - well done all!

Area Dressage 2016

Congratulations to our Pony Club members who represented us on 23rd July at the Area Dressage at Bold. 
Our Grassroots team of Ella, Laura, Charlotte and Jess finished 7th and Jess and Mal were 5th individually!

Our Novice team all did a lovely job, they were Daisy Abbie, Becky and Evie. Evie finished 4th individually on Vogue. Well done also to Lauren who represented us as an individual in the Novice.
Thanks again to Chris, Christina and Melissa for giving up their time to help.

Area Show-Jumping 2016

Our The Pony Club show jumping teams were in action at the Area competition on 17th July in the Lake District. Thank you to Oxenholme Branch.

Our Novice team (Gabi, Evie, Lydia and Daisy) finished in an excellent 4th place (out of 13 teams) and were the only Centre team! Gabi and Vogue were great going as our 'pathfinders' and giving two confident rounds with an unfortunate pole down. Evie was consistent as always on Olive and had a lovely clear and then 4 faults in the 2nd round. Daisy (the birthday girl!) made a fab job of riding Jack (who she had only ridden for 15 minutes a couple of days before) to finish with 4 faults in both rounds. Lydia and Casper jumped two lovely clear rounds and then was fast, and clear, in the jump off to finish 2nd individually and qualify for the National Championships!

The grassroots competition was in the afternoon; our team for this was: Jess and Betty, Emma and Pip, Ella and Chip and Abby and Macduff. Both Jess and Ella jumped a clear round, sadly it wasn't Emma or Abby's day but they have made a great job making the team! Special 'well done's to Daisy and Abby who had a last minute swap of horses after the accident with the horsebox last Monday.

Finally, a huge thank you to our army of volunteers who helped us get the 8 horses ready, transport them and help out all day (5.30am-6pm!). John Wood not only kindly let us use his horsebox but also drove it there for the day. Chris also drove one of the trailers there and videoing. Laura, who we knew we'd not seen the last of(!), Ellis and Alison for grooming, tacking, holding, everything! Christina and Nicky (and Cole) for lending/driving their trailers to us and helping all day and also to Gemma, giving up her only day off to help. Without the above people it wouldn't be possible so we are very proud of not only our teams but our whole Croxteth TEAM!

National Quiz Final 2016

A huge well done to our The Pony Club Quiz Team. We made the trip down to Addington Manor Equestrian Centre in Bucks on Saturday 2nd April for the NFU Mutual National Quiz and our team did a great job finishing 7th! Well done to Daisy Scott, Lauren White, Evie Scott and Ada Nicholson-Pike.

We will soon be looking for teams for the Area Horse & Pony care competition. If you are interested please let Viv know.

Dengie Second Round 19th March

Evie Scott and Casper qualified for the Dengie second round at Aintree last year. It wasn't Evie's day on Saturday but a good experience nonetheless and lots to look forward to going onward. 

Area Quiz Teams

We took two teams to Blackburn this year to compete at the Area Quiz. The questions were really difficult but they must have swotted up as they finished with respectable scores. We were the only Centre on the day and so our teams finished 1st (Lauren, Daisy, Evie and Ada) and 2nd (Abbie, Patrick, Lydia and Maria)! There were plenty of smiles around, especially from Ada, so we hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

February Half Term Days

We had a great turnout for our Pony Club days during half term. Congratulations to all who passed achievement badges and efficiency tests (there are too many to mention!). Our older Pony Club members are doing well working towards their C+ and B tests so watch this space!

Aintree 15th February 2016

We took some of Pony Club members to Aintree for a show jumping competition kindly hosted by West Lancs County. Due to the fact we have not been able to jump at home since before Christmas, we decided to take some of our more experienced members. Despite their lack of home practice they all jumped great - well done Poppy, Ella, Lydia, Evie, Daisy, Abbie and Patrick! As usual it was a pleasure to take you all and the day was topped off by some great placings! Ella won class 1, Ella and Poppy were third in the pairs, Evie won class 2 with Lydia 5th and Abbie 6th. Our riders then all jumped really well in a strong Dengie qualifier with Lydia managing to secure 5th place!

Osbaldeston 14th November

It was the turn of our 12 & under team to go out jumping! Well done to Poppy Mackin, Ella Foster, Jess Foulkes and Lydia Neve for representing us so well. There was over 120 competitors and Lydia managed 3 text book clear rounds. A special thank you to Emma Lyons for helping the team on the day.

Osbaldeston 31st October

For the first time we took a 10 & under show jumping team up to Blackburn. For a couple of them it was their first ever competition and it was a great experience. A huge well done to Maria Freeman, Ella Baines, Phoebe Smith and Cailin Bennett for being so brave with big crowds watching and making such a good job!

Aintree 26th October

We took our more advanced Pony Club members to a show jumping event at Aintree Equestrian Centre. Patrick Auth, Emma Lyons, Abbie Marshall, Daisy Scott and Evie Scott were all a credit to take out as usual and rode excellently. They were the only centre members competing. Emma Lyons was 6th in class 2, Abbie had an unfortunate pole down. In class 3 Patrick was just outside of the placings and Evie finished 4th. In the dengie qualifier Daisy rode great but had an unlucky pole in the jump off and Evie managed a great fast double clear to win and qualify for the next round!

Carrington Dressage Competition

We sent 3 teams to Carrington on 28th August. All members rode brilliantly and it was great competition experience. There were some good individual placings but we think you all deserved to be placed! Well done to: Lauren White, Abby Storey-Bates, Poppy Mackin, Charlotte Jones, Charlotte Hogan, Phoebe Hill, Ruby Wood, Phoebe Smith, Maria Freeman and Megan Jones

Centres Equitation 2015

We were fortunate enough to take two teams to the Championships again this year. On one team we had Abbie Marshall & Patrick Auth on Chip in the seniors and Lydia Neve & Ella Foster in the Juniors on pip and on our other team we had Daisy Scott & Emma Lyons on Vogue in the Seniors and Evie Scott & Jess Foulkes in the Juniors on Mal. Our team consisting of Abbie, Patrick, Lydia & Ella finished 10th and 5th in the turnout with Ella 9th individually and Lydia 6th. Our team of Daisy, Emma, Evie and Jess won with Daisy 5th, Emma 8th, Jess 2nd and Evie 1st individually. Evie also took home a prize for being the best newcomer. Huge thanks to all our members who came to support and we hope to have lots of new faces try out for the teams next year.

Dressage Championships 2015

Rebecca Duckworth qualified as an individual for the Dressage Championships at Cholmondeley Castle with Pip. She was the only centre member in the whole of Britain to do so! on the day Becky excelled herself to ride a really great test and finish 9th individually in a very strong field of riders and horses.

Area Dressage 2015

Our Area Dressage team headed to Bold Equestrian centre on 25th July, they all did fantastically well getting placed in each arena, Gabriella Borg and Dippy finished 6th, Abbie Marshall and Cassie were 5th, Daisy Scott and Vogue were also 5th and Rebecca Duckworth finished 2nd on Pip (qualifying as an individual for the Championships). Our team finished 4th out of 15 teams which was a really great achievement especially as we were the only centre team competing. Jess Wood was also in action as an intermediate individual on Bill and did an excellent job of a tricky test picking up a very respectable percentage!

Area Show-jumping 2015

Our team of Daisy Scott (Casper), Evie Scott (Betty) and Gabriella Borg (Vogue) represented us in the Area Show-jumping on 4th July in the Lake District. They all jumped brilliantly and the team finished 6th.

Combined Training - Formby

On 23rd May we took some of our members to their first competition at Formby. A big well done to our Pony Club members representing CPRC Phoebe Hill, Phoebe Smith, Maria Freeman, Poppy Mackin, Lily Smith and Abby Storey-Bates who all rode brilliantly at the Combined training (Dressage and Show-jumping). It was a great experience for them all and they even came home with a few rosettes! 

Area Horse & Pony Care Teams 2015

As with last year we hosted the Area 4 and 5 Horse and Pony Care Competition at Aintree Racecourse on 26th April. There were 35 teams in total and we sent two junior teams and a senior team. Our junior teams consisted of Evie Scott, Lydia Neve, Phoebe Hill, Charlotte Jones, Charlotte Hogan and Phoebe Smith who did great in a very competitive field. Our senior team of Daisy Scott, Abigail Marshall and Lauren White were 4th. Well done and a massive thank you to Laura and Rachel who helped organise.

Easter Tests

C+ : Lauren White, Gabriella Borg

C : Daisy Scott, Evie Scott, Rebecca Duckworth, Emma Lyons, Abigail Marshall, Patrick Auth, Ella Foster, Lydia Neve

D+ : Charlotte Hogan, Abby Storey-Bates

Silver 1 Horse Management: Lily Smith, Laura Keegan

Silver 2 Horse Management: Evie Murphy

Silver 3 Horse Management: Lana Sloan-Davis

D: Ruth Kelleher, Lana Sloan-Davis

Lots of people passed badges too!

Novice Show jumping championships 2014

Evie Scott qualified at the Area 4 show jumping for the Novice Championships. Pony Club members from Scotland, Ireland Wales and England, who had all qualified in their areas, came to Kelsall for the final. Evie was the only centre member competing and she was also one of the youngest and riding one of the smallest horses! The combination of Evie and Betty were superstars to have a clear round in the first round in a very tough competition. Well Done!

Horse & Pony Care at the Championships 2014

Our team of Daisy Scott, Lili Wood and Evie Scott qualified to compete against other members (branches and centres) from all over Britain at Cholmondeley Castle. They had been practising hard and finished an amazing 8th out of 22 teams on the day. They were also the best centre. Another great result.

Pony Club Area 4 Dressage Teams 2014

Well done to our two teams who competed at Bold in the area Novice Dressage. Our teams were comprised of: Lauren White, Emma Carhart, Daisy Scott, Phebey Maher, Lili Wood Abbie Marshall, Charlie Cullen and Jess Wood. Everybody rode brilliantly and a special well done to Jess who finished 4th in her arena on Dippy!

Pony Club Area 4 Show Jumping Team 2014

A huge congratulations to our Area 4 Novice show jumping team Jess Wood, Rachael Kay, Daisy Scott and Evie Scott The girls all rode brilliantly and our team finished in 4th place out of 14 teams. We also finished 2nd in the best turned out AND Evie managed 3 lovely clear rounds securing an individual 4th place and qualifying for the Novice Championships at Kelsall! We are extremely proud of all of them and as the only centre competing against many branches (children with their own ponies) they certainly excelled themselves!

Area Pony Club Horse and Pony Care Competition 2014

This year we ran the Horse and Pony Care competition at Aintree Racecourse on 18th May. We had two teams in the hotly contested junior section with Pony Club branches and centres joining us from all over Areas 4 and 5. Holcombe Hunt Branch of the Pony Club won the junior title with a score of 96.5, closely followed by Croxteth Cobs (Daisy Scott, Evie Scott and Lili Wood) 2nd with 95.75 and Croxteth Connemaras (Lauren White, Abigail Marshall and Lydia Neve) 3rd with 93.25. It was close at the top! We were very proud of our teams finishing so well out of a strong field of 16 teams. Croxteth Cobs went on to qualify for the finals at the Championships